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Sovereign (.2354 oz)

Gold Content 0.2354 oz
Total Weight.2568 toz
CountryGreat Britain
Picture of Sovereign (.2354 oz) - Obverse Image
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Picture of Sovereign (.2354 oz) - Reverse Image
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Other ChoicesAsk
Eagle 1/10$ 147.85
French Franc$ 249.87
Swiss Franc$ 249.87
Sovereign$ 309.04
Eagle 1/4$ 345.74
Eagle 1/2$ 678.72
US $20 Saint Gaudens$ 1281.55
US $20 Liberty Goldcall
Mexican 50 Peso$ 1554.87
Order Now. 781-710-8419 or 781-643-2646 Mon-Sun 9a-Midnite.

Assorted Gold CoinsWe PayCost (add 1-3% fee)
Sovereign (.2354 oz) $ 294.04$ 309.04
Prices may vary due to market conditions - Brokerage fee of 0.5% to 3.0% is added - Free shipping for large US orders.

Call 781-710-8419 to place your order now.

British Sovereigns are a great way to buy gold. Sovereigns have been used as real money for hundreds of years and are recognized throught the world. In fact, Sovereign gold coins were included in WWII aviator survival kits, figuring whereever the pilot was shot down in the world he would have a recognizable spendable unit of gold.

Each sovereign contains 0.2354 troy ounces of actual gold. Sovereigns are available at just a small markup to the gold content.

Buy your Sovereign (.2354 oz) from Boston Bullion and add Precious Metals to your portfolio today!
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